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Newsnodes and BNO News have been working together to track confirmed cases of B.1.1.529, a coronavirus variant which has been designated as the Omicron variant.

This tracker was launched on November 25, 2021, and was updated several times a day.

We have stopped updating this tracker, as of January 8th.


The Omicron Variant tracker is brought to you in partnership with and HealthMap.


 Note: no more updates on our Omicron tracker 
As the Omicron variant has become widespread and has been confirmed by 150 countries / territories around the world, we have decided to stop updating our Omicron tracker, as of January 8th, 2022.

In case a new variant surfaces, which we expect to become a Variant of Concern, we will be back with a new dedicated variant tracker. Thank you for visiting our tracker!

Omicron is reported in the following 150 countries / territories
Location Cases
+/- Deaths
estimate % Source
 United Kingdom246,7807596%(Dec 30th)source
 Denmark66,5631894%(Jan 1st)source
 Germany62,9741644%(Jan 3rd)source
 United States62,480195%(Jan 1st)source
 Norway26,818-65%(Dec 30th)source
 France5,591-49%(Dec 20th)source
 Estonia3,857-71%(Jan 2nd)source
 Singapore3,592-18%(Jan 4th)source
 South Africa2,223-98%(Dec 30th)source
 Switzerland1,725-61%(Dec 24th)source
 Japan1,601-30%(Dec 28th)source
 Slovenia1,418-67%(Jan 4th)source
 South Korea1,3182-source
 Italy1,251-60%(Dec 27th)source
 Belgium1,215-86%(Jan 3rd)source
 Spain1,181-51%(Dec 26th)source
 Netherlands1,083-51%(Dec 28th)source
 Lebanon433-65%(Jan 5th)source
 Brazil406-30%(Dec 29th)source
 Ireland383-92%(Dec 31st)source
 Liechtenstein319-58%(Jan 7th)source
 Portugal302-90%(Jan 3rd)source
 Hungary283-78%(Jan 3rd)source
 Turkey252-10%(Dec 25th)source
 Palestinian Territory242--source
 Dominican Republic210--source
 Iceland200-90%(Jan 6th)source
 Cape Verde175--source
 French Guiana135-70%(Jan 4th)source
 Lithuania128-90%(Jan 5th)source
 Czechia124-50%(Jan 6th)source
 New Zealand116--source
 Hong Kong114--source
 Cayman Islands89--source
 Ivory Coast78--source
 Colombia72-62%(Jan 2nd)source
 Costa Rica62--source
 Sri Lanka52--source
 South Sudan41--source
 Greece33-89%(Dec 31st)source
 North Macedonia33--source
 Republic of the Congo21--source
 Reunion20-50%(Jan 6th)source
 Trinidad and Tobago15--source
 Bosnia and Herzegovina14--source
 Togo5-25%(Dec 22nd)source
 Burkina Faso2--source
 Saint Kitts and Nevis2--source
 Saint Martin2--source
 United Arab Emirates1--source
 Antigua and Barbuda1--source
 Dem. Rep. of the Congo1-29%(Dec 15th)source
 Gabon1-23%(Jan 7th)source
 Guadeloupe1-46%(Dec 31st)source
 Saudi Arabia1--source
 Sierra Leone1--source
 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines1--source
total (worldwide)552,191115

US State Cases
+/- Deaths
estimate % Source
 California17,534-60%(Dec 24th)source
 New York5,919-89%(Dec 30th)source
 Massachusetts5,065-46%(Dec 25th)source
 Texas4,406190%(Dec 27th)source
 Colorado3,142-50%(Dec 22nd)source
 Florida2,423-78%(Dec 25th)source
 Georgia1,947-78%(Dec 25th)source
 Maryland1,740-88%(Jan 5th)source
 New Jersey1,335--source
 Connecticut1,048-46%(Dec 25th)source
 Louisiana771-90%(Jan 1st)source
 District of Columbia753-58%(Dec 25th)source
 North Carolina645-80%(Jan 4th)source
 Pennsylvania589-58%(Dec 25th)source
 Tennessee401-78%(Dec 25th)source
 Nebraska390-28%(Dec 25th)source
 Puerto Rico369--source
 Virginia330-58%(Dec 25th)source
 North Dakota321--source
 Mississippi275-60%(Dec 25th)source
 Kansas169-28%(Dec 25th)source
 Vermont169-46%(Dec 25th)source
 South Carolina165-78%(Dec 25th)source
 Rhode Island151-46%(Dec 25th)source
 Kentucky142-78%(Dec 25th)source
 Alabama136-78%(Dec 25th)source
 Iowa97-28%(Dec 25th)source
 Missouri97-28%(Dec 25th)source
 West Virginia97-58%(Dec 25th)source
 Delaware78-58%(Dec 25th)source
 New Mexico63-87%(Dec 29th)source
 New Hampshire59-46%(Dec 25th)source
 Arkansas34-87%(Dec 29th)source
 Maine33-46%(Dec 25th)source
 Oklahoma27-57%(Dec 30th)source
 South Dakota18--source
total (US)62,4801

About our data
Genomic sequencing, which is used to confirm the variant, is performed on only a small number of coronavirus cases. As a result, the actual number of Omicron cases is believed to be significantly higher than the number of confirmed Omicron cases.

That's why we also report on estimates of Omicron prevalence by national health authorities, when these numbers are available. National authorities are best able to estimate the share of current Omicron cases as a percentage of the total amount of coronavirus cases in a country as they typically have more coronavirus sequences than GISAID per country.



Below you can add your news contributions directly to our Omicron tracker. Off-topic comments or contributions without source will be deleted.

When you have data questions instead of data contributions, please send us an e-mail at

12 Jan 2022, 15:57
There is one at

10 Jan 2022, 20:24
Where would we find the latest Omicron tracker?

8 Jan 2022, 17:07
Why you guys stopped? :(

8 Jan 2022, 09:55
We have stopped updating the Omicron tracker. We are very grateful to all the people here who have helped by sharing data updates with us! Thank you!

8 Jan 2022, 03:46
273 new cases in Iran. Total raised to 467.

8 Jan 2022, 00:21
Together with BNO News, we have now tracked the Omicron variant in as many as 150 countries / territories! For the latest Omicron worldmap, also have a look at our partnership website Healthmap:

7 Jan 2022, 20:07
The value of 44.3% for Germany is for the week ending January 3rd, not as of January 7th.

6 Jan 2022, 22:01
Prevalence in Germany increases from 9% for the week ending Dec 19th, to 20% for the week ending Dec 26th. Your estimate of 25% by Jan 5th seems not based in any empiric data, and looks highly optimistic.

6 Jan 2022, 10:30
For Pakistan we have added a manual calculation today as well based on regional reports: Punjab (incl. Lahore): 219, Islamabad: 177, Karachi (Sindh province): 23 indicating that more than 419 Omicron cases have been confirmed in Pakistan.

5 Jan 2022, 19:31
@Crannofonix; can you please send us an e-mail for data questions? (see mail address above) Thank you!

5 Jan 2022, 19:25
@Crannofonix; for US States, currently most Cases data is from GISAID and most prevalence data is from CDC Nowcast. Before we had more like 50-50 from GISAID and States, but most US States are not able to keep up with the number of Omicron sequences uploaded to GISAID. There are some exceptions, for example Kansas:

5 Jan 2022, 12:13
276 omicron cases confirmed in Thailand (total 2,338)

5 Jan 2022, 12:09
How are you getting the statistics for US states? It seems like there are only countries on

4 Jan 2022, 11:13
Thailand found 282 new cases of Omicron, totaling 2,062.

3 Jan 2022, 21:11
35 new confirmed cases in Iran. Total cases raised to 194.

3 Jan 2022, 17:10
644 omicron cases confirmed in Latvia so far

3 Jan 2022, 10:32
Malaysia: 2 new Omicron cases( total 64), 966 suspected Omicron cases Source:

1 Jan 2022, 19:33
116 new confirmed cases in Iran. Total raised to 159.

1 Jan 2022, 13:14
Vietnam: 20 Omicron cases

1 Jan 2022, 12:47
Data is both from GISAID and state reports. GISAID = Queensland 896, NSW 767, WA 11. State report = Victoria 159, ACT 62, SA 36, NT 12, Tasmania 3. See also: For more questions on data, please email us!

1 Jan 2022, 11:10
How are you calculating Australia?

1 Jan 2022, 01:37
As Australia is our own calculation, here is our current breakdown for Australia Omicron cases: Queensland 896 NSW 767 Victoria 159 ACT 62 SA 36 NT 12 WA 11 Tasmania 3

31 Dec 2021, 04:15
Vietnam: 15 Omicron cases: Ha Noi (1) and Quang Nam (14) (

30 Dec 2021, 21:24
Prevalence in Germany increases to 7.4% as of December 19 (from 2.5% the previous week).

30 Dec 2021, 13:16
211 cases in Latvia totally confirmed.

30 Dec 2021, 04:21
@Newsnodes It does. Thank you!

30 Dec 2021, 00:30
@Rene_R, thank you for your help! Deaths are updated. The cases number (13,124) you are referring to is the sum of cases classified to age groups. It is quite common in datasets that not every case can be attributed to an age group. This means only 5 Omicron cases in Germany have not been assigned to an age group. If you sum the Omicron cases per B√ľndeslander, you will see 13,129 cases as well. Hope this helps!

29 Dec 2021, 23:43
The source for Germany has conflicting numbers: 13,129 in the headline, 13,124 in the table below). I don't know which one you want to follow. (Sorry for the delay, I can only post once per 15 minutes.)

29 Dec 2021, 23:23
Your source for Germany lists 13,124 cases (not 13,129) and 4 deaths (not 1).

29 Dec 2021, 20:09
9 new confirmed cases in Iran. Total raised to 43.

29 Dec 2021, 19:45
We are aware of conflicting reports for Thailand. This happens frequently, in which case we check the original source: today's press conference. In the press conference video at 37:50, they clearly state 739 Omicron cases, hence we do not follow the Reuters number. Source:

29 Dec 2021, 19:16
Thailand's Omicron cases are at 740, not 739 according to a Reuters article.

29 Dec 2021, 12:56
54 cases of Omicron now in Michigan -

29 Dec 2021, 10:22
Thailand has reported 740 cases of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, including 251 in people who had come into contact with foreign arrivals

28 Dec 2021, 21:43
For always up-to-date map, we recommend having a look at this Omicron world map on our partnership website Healthmap:

28 Dec 2021, 21:15
Saying this but there are some countries on the chart of countries that aren't on the map of countries with Omicron

28 Dec 2021, 17:17
Please note: US has revised the estimated prevalence down a bit from 73.2% to 58.6%. Source:

28 Dec 2021, 16:30
8 new confirmed cases in Iran. Total cases raised to 34.

28 Dec 2021, 15:44
Thailand Omicron update: More than 500 cases, many Test & Go travellers

28 Dec 2021, 13:05
For people wondering, the current Australia Omicron cases breakdown we have is: NSW 767, Queensland 365, Victoria 159, ACT 62, SA 36, NT 12, WA 9, Tasmania 3

27 Dec 2021, 21:21
Romania: 13 new cases confirmed

27 Dec 2021, 21:08
Paraguay confirms their first three case of the omicron variant.

27 Dec 2021, 16:54
164 cases confirmed in Latvia-omicron.

27 Dec 2021, 14:39
12 new confirmed, total raised to 26. There are also 12 suspected cases.

27 Dec 2021, 03:07
Sven9161 has added at least 1323 confirmed and 485 suspected cases to their Germany data sheet since the last update of your source (Dec 22).

25 Dec 2021, 19:13
6 new confirmed omicron cases in Iran. Total cases raised to 14.

25 Dec 2021, 04:15
Mexico: 41 to 47 A state of mexico confirms 6 cases

24 Dec 2021, 16:15
23,719 additional confirmed cases of the #Omicron variant of COVID-19 have been reported across the UK.

24 Dec 2021, 15:32
Update Denmark 30,954 cases

24 Dec 2021, 02:06
7,500 in Canada -
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