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2 Sep 2021, 22:11
Today France has once again revised historic data for deaths reported to EHPAD (French retirement home care) and deaths reported to EMS (French nursing homes). We have revised our historic deaths data for France from July 21st till September 1st, using the updated historic data. Source:

31 Aug 2021, 21:16
France had stopped reporting on the number of deaths reported to EHPAD (French retirement home care) and EMS (French nursing homes) on July 21th with 26,505 deaths in total. Today France has resumed publishing the number of deaths reported at EHPAD & EMS with the latest total being 37,944 deaths: a backlog of +11,439 deaths. We have revised historic France deaths as far back as data is available (August 17th). Source:

21 Aug 2021, 21:23
We have studied the underlying datasets of France and noticed a mistake has been made by the French government. French gov ( currently give a total of 85982 deaths in hospital which is lower than yesterday (yesterday: 86660 deaths in hospital). But they incorrectly forgot to add 464 hospital deaths in Guadeloupe and 278 hospital deaths in Martinique. This means total deaths in hospital France is now: 86724 or higher.

13 Jul 2021, 09:02
We have recalibrated our France data to reflect recalculations and added the test chart! We use the totals of the French government dashboard, after which we substract the total cases in Guadeloupe (incl. St. Martin & St. Barthélemy), Martinique, French Guiana, Réunion and Mayotte.

7 Apr 2021, 23:52
No update for today.

24 Mar 2021, 23:39
Update for yesterday and today.

19 Mar 2021, 23:18
No update for today, due to a technical data reporting problem

19 Sep 2020, 10:39
Now we provide the figures for Metropolitan France live. We subtract the overseas territories figures from the official figures for each day (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, French Guyana, Mayotte, St Pierre et Miquelon, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, St Martin, St Barthelemy and Wallis et Futuna)

26 Aug 2020, 20:04
*Suite à une panne informatique les données de mortalité et le nombre de patients hospitalisés ne sont pas disponibles au 26/08. * Due to a computer failure, mortality data and the number of hospitalized patients were not available as of 26/08.

15 Aug 2020, 23:58
Thanks Nono! It's great to have a source for France in the weekends!

15 Aug 2020, 21:21
Stats on week-ends again via Tweeter.

4 Aug 2020, 19:48
WHO has the total cases in France yesterday on 179072, which would mean +3152 cases for France yesterday!

4 Aug 2020, 09:22
The French numbers are very confusing, so your help is very welcome. It's especially hard to see how many are in fact 'France Metropolitaine' (mainland France in Europe). The WHO corrected numbers (which France government submits) show 1272 increase for last Friday (registered for 1 August) for Metropolitan France.

4 Aug 2020, 01:32
Be carefull, 2723 new cases and 27 New deaths from friday. 556 New cases only monday. Best regards.

15 Jul 2020, 23:20
And the rest of the week, France is publishing jumpy numbers as well! :)

15 Jul 2020, 01:32
In France, no stats on saturdays, sundays and on a public Holiday ! ????

8 Jul 2020, 22:59
@nono, yes the cases chart for France yesterday had a error! It was because one day in history (June 24) had no cases data deleted and it was fixed immediately! Thanks for notifying!

7 Jul 2020, 20:47
155086 New cases confirmed on june24 ??? Big error, no ?

6 Jul 2020, 00:36
@Nono; yes, it's really ridiculous.. At least the Netherlands and Belgium are still reporting the daily numbers to WHO, but the Scandinavian countries and France don't even report numbers to WHO anymore on Saturday and Sunday.

5 Jul 2020, 21:11
Next Daily reporting: ~20:00hrs Cet on monday

28 Jun 2020, 23:04
No update from France today again. 2 days ! Incredible !

28 Jun 2020, 00:04
No updates from France today! Dommage!

24 Jun 2020, 22:56
Thank you Nono, for updating!

2 Jun 2020, 23:30
Hardly a surprise: France has again revised their numbers! Today report -766 confirmed cases

19 May 2020, 20:31
Once again, France is revising their numbers today. France is now substracting 217 deaths from their total death count.

30 Apr 2020, 20:11
Similar to Lithuania, we currently can't give you live charts for France as France yesterday reported -1400 cases AND France is not showing how this revision should be spread over the past days or weeks. If they would show this, we could revise all historic days (like we've done for Spain), but France hasn't so we can choose between showing the old pre 29 April-chart or no chart at all.

13 Apr 2020, 20:22
In the Situation Reports of you can see yesterdays numbers for France without overseas territorities. Yesterday the overseas territories had 1021 cases (95403-94382) and 19 deaths (according to WHO). So these you have to substract, if you want to know the 'France Metropolitaine' numbers

13 Apr 2020, 20:10
Thank you Nono, this data is the same as on the first source provided here: However please note that these numbers include the French oversease territories!

13 Apr 2020, 19:58

13 Apr 2020, 19:57 link

4 Apr 2020, 15:30
Please note: the France numbers are manually corrected by Newsnodes to exclude the French overseas territories from these numbers!
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