Analyzing COVID-19 trends worldwide 25 October - 8 November

Date of article: 8 November 2020

  • Below charts show the 14-day trend in confirmed cases and COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

  • Europe is still the most affected continent at the moment. Most countries continue to rise, except  Belgium and  Netherlands, that are the first to come down.

  • In Africa, cases seem to be on the rise.

  • Middle East / Asia / Oceania: In  Iran,  Pakistan,  Russia and  Japan, cases are on the rise. For the others, the cases are declining.

Sources of all data:

Based on the 7 days moving average new cases and new deaths

article by Nono



Date Country page
3 May,23:26 Hungary
25 Apr,21:35 Moldova
24 Apr,14:07 Iran
6 Apr,00:20 Spain
1 Apr,23:43 Portugal
31 Mar,08:36 Paraguay
30 Mar,11:57 Belgium
27 Mar,10:50 Paraguay
26 Mar,10:10 Paraguay
26 Mar,10:09 India


Date Country page
18 May,18:03 Finland
9 May,22:18 Sri Lanka
8 May,00:28 United States
7 May,22:43 Brazil
7 May,22:00 Ethiopia
7 May,21:59 Moldova
7 May,21:58 Turkey
7 May,21:56 Algeria
7 May,21:54 South Africa
7 May,19:55 France

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