Analyzing COVID-19 trends worldwide (update 25 Oct)

Date of article: 25 October 2020

Below charts show the 14-day trend in confirmed cases and COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

There is an explosion of cases in Europe which is the most affected continent at the moment.

Most countries are hit with exponential increases in just 2 weeks.

New: the number of deaths is also increasing quite sharply.

In the Americas, everything is shrinking, except for:

  •  Argentina which continues to rise for 8 months now;
  •  United States which seems to have entered a third wave.

In Africa, cases seem to be on the rise.

In the Middle East / Asia / Oceania, most countries are reporting fewer cases recently, in particular  Israel.

Notable exceptions to the decreasing trend in Asia are  Russia and  Iran, which are on the rise again.

Source of all data:

*) All data is based on the 7 days moving average of new cases and new deaths

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Date Country page
15 Oct,08:39 South Korea
14 Oct,08:34 Czechia
14 Oct,08:28 Czechia
13 Oct,08:16 Czechia
12 Oct,23:36 Spain
3 Oct,10:04 Paraguay
29 Sep,11:41 Philippines
22 Sep,11:45 Brazil
21 Sep,22:50 Argentina
20 Sep,20:52 Peru


Date Country page
22 Oct,01:12 Brazil
22 Oct,00:28 United States
22 Oct,00:13 Bulgaria
22 Oct,00:00 Colombia
21 Oct,23:58 France
21 Oct,23:36 Tunisia
21 Oct,23:35 Rwanda
21 Oct,22:45 Guinea
21 Oct,22:41 Argentina
21 Oct,22:35 Ethiopia

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