Analyzing COVID-19 trends worldwide

Date of article: 12 October 2020

Below charts show the 14-day trend in confirmed cases and COVID-19 deaths worldwide.


Europe is the worst continent, based on the current increase of coronavirus cases.

The worst countries of Europe by trend:

 Spain,  United Kingdom,  France,  Netherlands,  Ukraine,  Italy,  Germany,  Poland,  Belgium,  Czechia.


In general European countries are seeing an uptrend in deaths.

Some countries have very few or no deaths:

 Sweden,  Finland,  Norway and  Switzerland.

North America and South America:


New increases are appearing in:

 United States,  Argentina,  Colombia,  Mexico.

Deaths: overall fall.


Cases ans deaths:

We are currently witnessing new increases in many African countries, exceptions being  Egypt and  Algeria.

Middle East, Asia and Oceania:


The current trends in the Middle East, Asia and Oceania are stable or decreasing, except  Russia which is showing a big move up.

Also worth mentioning:  India, is currently showing a downtrend with under 75000 cases / day.

Sources of all data:

Based on the 7 days moving average new cases and new deaths

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Date Country page
15 Oct,08:39 South Korea
14 Oct,08:34 Czechia
14 Oct,08:28 Czechia
13 Oct,08:16 Czechia
12 Oct,23:36 Spain
3 Oct,10:04 Paraguay
29 Sep,11:41 Philippines
22 Sep,11:45 Brazil
21 Sep,22:50 Argentina
20 Sep,20:52 Peru


Date Country page
22 Oct,02:28 Canada
22 Oct,01:12 Brazil
22 Oct,00:28 United States
22 Oct,00:13 Bulgaria
22 Oct,00:00 Colombia
21 Oct,23:58 France
21 Oct,23:36 Tunisia
21 Oct,23:35 Rwanda
21 Oct,22:45 Guinea
21 Oct,22:41 Argentina

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