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Newsnodes.com is a website dedicated to covering news from a wide variety of sources and angles. Part of the Newsnodes-concept is that we believe a good news article explains all sides of a story in a balanced and unbiased way. Too often however, news media publish either one side of the story, or (unknowingly) publish a biased interpretation of it.

On Newsnodes.com we strive to present information directly from sources with a clear breakdown between the news itself and additional analysis and/or contextual information. We do not believe in centralized factchecking authorities, to decide whether news is fake or real. Instead we want to empower our readers to decide for themselves by providing unfiltered opposing views in one and the same news story.

COVID-19/Coronavirus edition (2020 - 2022)
Between March 2020 and May 2022, our website was fully dedicated to charting and analyzing the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak worldwide. We provided exclusive charts, maps and analysis based on official reports by national authorities and/or World Health Organization reports. All our coronavirus data was being both manually and automatically verified, both when data was entered (e.g. data entry plausibility based on moving average trends) and when other official reports came in (e.g. WHO-reports are used as a double check for all countries).

Our data and charts appeared in numerous international media all around the world, ranging from the US (e.g. Wall Street Journal) to Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. and used by Ministries of Health (e.g. Indonesia, India and Thailand) in press releases and press conferences. To cover the coronavirus outbreak in the United States, we worked together with news organization BNO News.

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If you want to share your analysis with us or if you have any questions or suggestions regarding newsnodes.com, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to infonewsnodes.com

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