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7 Mar,03:30 United Stateslink
7 Mar,02:13 Chinalink
7 Mar,01:14 Paraguaylink
7 Mar,01:13 Colombialink
7 Mar,01:12 Argentinalink
7 Mar,01:11 Brazillink
7 Mar,01:10 Egyptlink
7 Mar,01:10 Rwandalink
7 Mar,00:13 Singaporelink
6 Mar,22:44 South Africalink
The times as mentioned in the above table are in Central European Time (CET)


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 New COVID-19 world maps added

 Date: 19 February 2021

Tonight we have added two new COVID-19 world maps to our website. The new maps are meant as a quick indicator to show the strength of a COVID-19 outbreak by relating the recently reported cases and deaths in a country to its population size. The new maps can be found at our world monitor maps page.

 COVID-19 world maps now available on Newsnodes

 Date: 15 February 2021

Starting today, we are publishing so called choropleth maps which will enable you to quickly see in which countries Coronavirus is currently uptrending or downtrending. When you hover over a country, it will show the current week-over-week trend. You can find these maps on a new page called world monitor maps. We are planning to add more maps over the next days.

 News integration started on Newsnodes.com

 Date: 8 February 2021

Today we have started integrating news stories to our website. The links to news stories will appear on each country page and the news stories are not only on coronavirus, but also other general news is included. By simply visiting a country page, it's now easy to see the latest global headlines for any country in the world.

 Compare Newsnodes data to WHO-data

 Date: 19 December 2020

In recent months we have made a lot of changes to improve data reliability on Newsnodes. One of those major improvements is the introduction of a Newsnodes-bot which is able to automatically locate, verify and validate COVID-19 data from official government websites.

To also give more information about our data, we have now launched page where registered users can see the differences between Newsnodes data and WHO data. In general, for most countries this data is 99% the same, with the difference being that Newsnodes is often 24 hours, and sometimes up to 48 hours faster in showing the data. More info can be found here.

Illustration of the data layers and how (conflicting) data is being displayed on our website

 New: the COVID-19 testing monitor

 Date: 15 October 2020

Today we have launched a new page on our website: the COVID-19 testing monitor. This page gives an overview of COVID-19 testing activity and positivity rates for those countries for which we collect COVID-19 testing data. Visit the COVID-19 testing monitor here: newsnodes.com/covidtesting/ 

bubble chart of daily new cases and daily new tests (average last 7 days)



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