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 Region charts updated!

June 28th 2020

Today we have updated the region charts which appear on each country page. Previously a chart with the evolution of total cases per capita of several countries from the same region was displayed there. These charts were useful in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, but at this point in time it's more insightful to learn about the 7-day moving average of new cases and new COVID-19 deaths being reported. For a fair comparison these charts are corrected to population size, giving some interesting information in how a country is doing compared to other countries in the region.

example: 7 day moving average chart of new cases in South Asia

 New website updates!

June 6th 2020

During the past week we have made several changes to our website. On the 'worldmonitor'-page and on the page of each continent we have added 'week-over-week trend' information. This is useful as a early warning indicator for change in trends in countries. The week-over-week trend is available for both New confirmed cases (7 day moving average) and Positivity rate (7 day average).

We have also added 100 historic bar charts for each country in addition to the existing 25 day bar charts. These charts are available by clicking the toggle buttons below the charts with new cases per day and new deaths per day.

Finally we have also published an overview list with countries, official government sites and COVID-19 report release times. This is very useful information for researchers or journalists who want to find more COVID-19 info on certain countries, or want to be the first to report.

example: 100 day chart of new cases in India

 Website updates!

May 8th 2020

Today we have added two new continents to our website: North America and Oceania. This means we are now covering all countries in the world.

We have also added 7 day moving averages to the charts with new cases per day and new deaths per day, to make it easier for everyone to read the current trend, even when countries are reporting very volatile numbers.

example: 7 day moving average for new cases in Sweden

 Many new continents and countries added!

April 23rd 2020

Today we have added two new continents to our website: South America and Africa. Starting today Newsnodes will also provide #COVID19 statistics and charts on the outbreak on these two continents.

In order to compare groups of countries in charts we have divided Africa in 9 subregions and South American into 3 subregions. These can also be found in below maps for both Asia and Africa.

 Website update: new user functionality and test charts!

April 12th 2020

This evening we have completed a major upgrade to our website. The most important part is that users now can directly change the data on display, making it possible for everyone to make up-to-date Coronavirus charts. To assure reliable data we have changed the way our website works, so we will still be able to retrieve all original data sources, just in case some data is wrong (either national report, WHO, user added or our own data).

For people who want to use the data provided on our website, we have added full data tables. Another nice feature is that as soon as enough test data has been entered, charts will be displayed on a country page including data on COVID-19 tests. These two features are currently for users only (you need to be logged in), so don't hesitate and create an account.

 Website update: charts for regions updated

April 7th 2020

Today we have added four more regions to our website, in order to do a quick comparison with neighbouring countries on how the coronavirus is spreading. Also, yesterday we improved the region charts, so now these charts are relative to population and you will be able the amount of days on display. The four new added regions are:
- The Baltics
- Eastern Europe
- Western Balkans
- Southeastern Europe

The map below shows how countries are assigned to regions now!

 WEBSITE NEWS: User portal introduced on Newsnodes.com

April 5th 2020

Tonight we have added a user area to the website. By creating a Newsnodes account you can post comments on a country page, connecting with other Newsnodes visitors to ask questions or share data! Another advantage of having a Newsnodes account is, that you can see the sources we use for a country.

In the coming weeks, we will be expanding what a user can do to change the Newsnodes website (e.g. automatically contributing data or customizing charts).



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